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Eugena B. Austin, CCA, LMT

Eugena B. Austin, CCA, LMT

A wonderful and dedicated Chiropractic Assistant is a must for any Chiropractic clinic that takes it's mission (i.e., maximizing the health potential of each and every patient) seriously.

Eugena is usually the first person new patients meet when they come into our office. Eugena enjoys enthusiastically greeting new patients, guiding them through procedures in the clinic, and making sure their time spent at Austin Family Chiropractic is always a pleasant experience.

Eugena started her career as a Chiropractic Assistant (CA) with Austin Family Chiropractic in 1996. Eugena is also a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), who received her therapuetic massage degree from Ancient Arts School of Natural Therapies in 1996. Eugena runs her own massage practice at Austin Family Chiropractic in addition to her CA duties.

Eugena has held many different jobs in her life, but none as fulfilling as this one. "It gives me great pleasure to be an integral part of today's greatest form of natural healthcare. When I am priviledged to see our patients regain and maintain their health through Chiropractic" says Eugena, "it gives me a satisfaction that no other job in my life has."

Eugena prides herself on her chosen career, even though not everyone thinks of being a CA as a profession. Eugena admits "I have worked very hard to learn my profession from both on the job training, and specific classroom training." Eugena was the first person to receive a Certified Chiropractic Assistant (CCA) diploma through The Parker Seminars from President Dr. Fabrizio Mancini. She was awarded her CCA in July 1999.

Eugena was also honored at the January 2001 Parker Seminar when she was awarded the G.T.O. CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANT OF THE YEAR Award for the year 2000.

Eugena is committed to gathering and sharing information about the profession with other CAs from all over the world. "Since I love what I do, it's only natural that I want to share my knowledge and enthusiasm about Chiropractic with everyone including other CAs" Eugena states. Through networking with other CAs, Eugena is constantly refining her skills and knowledge of her job. In fact, Eugena was chosen to be one of the classroom instructors for CA training at the Parker Chiropractic Seminars. She delivered her first program at the January 2001 seminar to a group of approximately 400 other CA's.

Eugena's commitment to the profession is exemplified by her membership in ICARE (International Chiropractic Assistants for Research & Education), a group of CAs that meet six times per year to network, generate enthusiasm for the CA profession, share knowledge and create fellowship among all CAs. Eugena is a past co-chairperson for the organization, and has served as a past ICARE board member.

When Eugena is not helping patients at the clinic, she enjoys gardening, landscaping, reading, movies, shopping, spending time with her husband Todd, their daughters Ava, Zorah and Aegea and being entertained by their two cats, Kitty-Ra and Princess Octavia Grace.

Please call or e-mail Eugena with questions about Chiropractic or to schedule an appointment.

Eugena will also be happy to field any questions from those who think they may be interested in becoming a Chiropractic Assistant as a career choice.

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