The 1,100 parts per million Colloidal Silver supplement which we carry at Austin Family Chiropractic in Virden, IL (near Springfield).  It does wonders for sinus health!

Sinus Health videos by Dr. Todd Austin

"Holistic Sinus Tips" video

"Performing the NEIL-MED SINUS Rinse" video

"Colloidal Silver - Dr. Todd's secret ingredient for SINUS issues" video

"More NEIL-MED SINUS Rinse Tips - 2012" video

"Supplements for Treating and Preventing Sinusitis & Improving Immune Function" video

The Standard Process supplements for both adults and children which we now carry at Austin Family Chiropractic.  They are for sinus health and overall immune system support.

Although Dr. Todd also has a "cold laser acupuncture sinus protocol" that works very well for acute sinusitis, Austin Family Chiropractic also sells inexpensive 'at-home' lasers which are very helpful for treating inflamed sinuses.

Austin Family Chiropractic also sells inexpensive 'at-home' cold lasers which are also very helpful for treating inflamed sinuses and associated mucous membranes.

If you'd like to know more about our office or our protocols for

Treating either acute or chronic Sinus Problems Naturally,

please feel free to give us a call (M/W/F, 8 AM-12PM & 2-6 PM CST & SAT AM by appointment)

at (217)965-3100.

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